Tennis Is a Sport For a Lifetime and We Truly Believe That

We accept players of all ages and all skill levels, and we provide program to match our mission.

We don’t care if you’re a college superstar or don’t know the difference between the service T and tea service.

Serve First Racquet Sports wants you to be part of our community!

Adult Lessons

You may choose the skills to focus on for your private or semi-private lesson.

We offer blocks in 30 min ($30), 45 min ($45), or one hour ($60) with any of our available instructors.

We ask that you please book these lessons in advance, as we are unlikely to be able to accommodate walk-ins

Adult Clinics

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a soul or want to play with your soulmates because Serve First offers a clinic for you.

We set up group instruction based on your skill level or your NTRP rating, if you prefer. If your team wants extra practice before a big match, we can help there, too.

If you’re just looking to play with folks who like tennis, Serve First can get you plugged in with the right group.

Reserve one of our PTR-certified instructors for one hour for $20 per person or for 90 minutes for $30 per person.

Check our schedule to see what fits in to yours.

Cardio Tennis

You may have heard tennis is a fantastic full-body workout and can maximize the calorie burn. Well, if you want to max out on the maxxing out, come check out a cardio clinic.

For $18 a person, our instructors will ensure you make the most of that hour and complete your movement goal for the day!

It’s fast-paced, set to music, and a ton of fun. This is social, heart-pumping fitness at its finest.

Try Tennis

Serve First Racquet Sports supports all beginners of all ages, and one of the best ways we do that is with Try Tennis. It’s couch to court in just six hours!

For $40 players receive a tennis racquet, six weeks of lessons, and a t-shirt. 

You will learn enough skills to play in a beginning match including the basic strokes (forehand, backhand, overhead, volley), how to rally, how to play points, scoring, and basic tennis etiquette.

This is a no judgment zone because everyone is a beginner!

We offer a pathway beyond Try Tennis into Try Play and Try Match.

We know tennis is a sport for life, and we want it to change yours.

Look at our schedule to see when the next session of Try Tennis is open.

Ready to start playing?

Anyone can pick up a racquet. Anyone can play.